Attention to detail”

Scott paid tremendous attention to detail and did an outstanding job. He always made quality a top
priority and would give us choices when issues came up. He provided us with advice on how to care for
the floors going forward as well.

John S.

“Scott is a master”

Scott is a Master -very attentive to details. The restoration/refinishing of the floors and transitions is beautiful. People see the before and after and are blown away every time. I can't say enough and it looks like I won't be able to post pictures so you will have to refer to his home page for photos I am sure he will have posted.

— Roger H.

We are very happy with the work he did. He asks to you be out of the house the entire time he is working on your floors and since he works alone, it took longer than the last time we had them done - six days vs. four days - but we are very happy with his work, so it was worth it.

Cynthia E.


“Excellent job!”

I was extremely pleased with the finished product. The wood floors in my house had not been buffed or refinished since I moved into the house in 2001. There was also a place that needed to be repaired in the breakfast nook area where a chair had scraped the finish off to the bare wood. Scott was very punctual when he came for the estimate and explained to me all the options available (from sanding the entire floor down to the bare wood and redoing it completely to buffing and finishing. I chose the buffing and finishing (I could not be out of the house for the amount of time it would take to completely redo the floors). Scott also explained what he needed to do with the bare patch in the breakfast nook area and warned me that the repaired spot would be noticeable if we were only going to do the buffing and finishing. That was fine with me. Scott arrived promptly on the day the floors were to be done and taped the entire perimeter of the floor (even around the sink in the guest bathroom!). The results were absolutely wonderful. The buffing removed most of the surface scratches and scuff marks and left behind the dings and gouges that I liked (to show that it's a real wood floor and not a laminate). The total area that Scott buffed and finished was about 1600 sq ft. I opted for the water-based finishing product (less volatile organic chemicals) which allowed me to come back to the house that evening. The repaired spot is noticeable in that it's darker than the surrounding floor, but that's perfectly fine with me. Another mark of character for the floor! I would definitely use Scott again for any wood finishing. Excellent job!

Carol R.

“He also knows tile.”

We met Scott two years ago when we requested a quote for our floors. We at the time had intervening costs, so did not do the project at that time. 2 years later we called him, he came out again, remembered the flooring and literally provided us a quote for almost the same amount.. little less actually since there have been changes in some of the pricing. He was willing to answer all our questions about why he was proposing a specifc solution, and then went through the house to make sure he had a good view of the work. He insisted on consistency in a place where we had decided not to put the wood ( a closet) and did the work because he was there.At one time in the process he called to let us know there might be an additional cost due to molding that was not at the bottom of our cabinets that would help in the refinishing process. We agreed as it was a few hundred, but he knew we were trying to economize. He was able to sand close enough to the base of cabinetry without damaging them, and saved us the $. The project was ahead of schedule, and under budget. 
I know he also does tile, and he would be the first person I will call. 

Debora M.

"He truly exceeded our expectations!"

We used Scott to refinish our old worn down oak floors.  He truly exceeded our expectations!  Everything was done perfectly and he pays close attention to each and every detail.  We had some water damage, pet damage and general use, and now the floors look brand new!  Scott also gave us great advice on how to care for them, what products to use and, more importantly, what NOT to use.  Apparently, our house cleaners had been stripping the old floors each time they used the wrong product to clean.  Now the clean up is easier, just wipe with microfiber cloths.  Scott answered all our questions and was on time.  He cleaned up well, we didn't notice any extra dust because he tapes everything well.  We had to leave the home for 4 days during the process, and we have to keep the pets off the wood for 3 weeks, but it is worth it!!!  - Lisa S. - Woodinville